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The easiest way for a beginner to learn QuickBooks desktop is tips and tricks on YouTube. There are 1000’s of videos and we picked out the top 5 that we like.

  1. The basics of accounting by is a great primer for the small business owner who is not a trained accountant. It helps you understand how to enter transactions.
  2. How about paying bills the right way? Pay bills, don’t just write a check. The video describes each area of the QuickBooks window to fill in, and also the difference between the item and expense tabs when entering a bill.
  3. Downloading bank/credit card transactions. Hector describes in very good detail all the ways to download your bank transactions. It is clear and easy to follow along with.
  4. Email your invoices – a great quick tip that takes you through all the steps to do it the easy way.
  5. A short tip that can make your life more colorful.