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Gas for my daily car trips to work?  Parking ticket? A taxi to grandma’s house?

Many small business owners do not realize that sometimes what they think is a business expense, is not.  The mileage or gas cost of commuting to and from work is not, unless you make several trips in a day to various clients. In that case, you can deduct the trips between customers, but not to your main place of work and not to home.  And surprise! your employer can reimburse you for mileage while you are on the job, which is tax free. Don’t forget your miles to and from the airport for that flight out of town for your job.

Parking ticket could be an expense if you incurred it while parking for your boss or client.

Taxi to grandma would be a legit expense if you had a business meeting and grandma cooked!

For more info on Business expenses, there is always the IRS Pub. 535 or another great write up is Biz Filings.Com.