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The ACD Blog > Holiday Gift Ideas. It's not too late, just print the image and insert in card!

It’s never too late to buy a great Holiday Gift. If you know it won’t arrive on time, print out an image of the gift and insert in a card. Now they have something to look forward to!

Check out these cool gifts we came across:

Once Upon a Dreaming Mirror
Hand painted by artist Emily Ann out of Napa, CA.
Buy here


Fred & Friends THE DAILY MOOD Desk Flipchart
It’s lo-tech ‘social networking’ fun to spice up any day at the office or home.
47 moods to choose from, each with its own smiley along with a snarky definition, fascinating facts, and sample sentences.
Buy here


Unicorn Socks
Whoever said unicorns are a figment of the imagination never saw these Special Special socks!
Buy Here


Show your inner nerd with the new 206 -D6 dice tee. This new Tee from handsIn Apparel.
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