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Many bookkeepers don’t realize they don’t have to hand write their payroll tax forms. Quickbooks does it for you- IRS 940’s, IRS 941’s if you have at least the Quickbooks Payroll Standard version, and  state returns like CA EDD’s , WA Employment Security if you have the Enhanced Payroll version.

First, be sure and set up your returns properly. Employees> Payroll Setup.

Then run a Payroll Summary report (Reports>Employees & Payroll>Payroll Summary) for the Quarter/Annual and/or the State to verify that the payroll is correct.  Then go to Employee Menu> Payroll Tax forms> Process Payroll forms.


Under File Forms, pick the return you want to process, making sure you choose the right filing period, by highlighting it and press “Create Form”.  Note:  If you haven’t run payroll then there will not be any forms here to pick from.

The form automatically prefills, but you still need to check for errors and review it for accuracy.  You can even efile your returns, just like HR Block!