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About the Author

Raychel Marriott

QuickBooks Consultant & Trainer
Small Business Bookkeeping

  • QuickBooks setup, cleanup, and training
  • Full charge bookkeeping support:
    • Accounts Payable (vendor bills and payments)
    • Accounts Receivable (customer invoices, payment and collection)
    • Bank, Credit Card, and Cash Reconciliations
    • Benefits Administration and New Hire On-Boarding (
    • Payroll and L&I Filing (using a payroll service provider)
    • Journal Entries and Adjustments
    • Expense Report and Reimbursement Processing
    • B&O Tax Filings with Department of Revenue
    • 1099-misc filing (year end)
    • QuickBooks® Software Set Up , Upgrade, and/or Removal
    • 3rd Party Software Discovery and Integrations (i.e., dropbox,, expense report solutions)
    • Troubleshoot transaction discrepancies
    • Customize Form Templates (i.e. Estimates, Invoices, Statements, or Sales Receipts)
    • Create Customized QuickBooks Reports
    • Streamline Tasks to Improve Efficiency
    • Create Paperless Filing Systems using Cloud based storage (i.e., Dropbox, and Google Drive)
    • Work with your CPA or Tax Professional as needed


4 Easy Steps to Set Up Company Credit Cards in QuickBooks

4 Easy Steps to Set Up Company Credit Cards in QuickBooks

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4 Ways to Keep Organized Using Google Apps

4 Ways to Keep Organized Using Google Apps

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BEHOLD: Sliced chocolate for sandwiches, yeah!

BEHOLD: Sliced chocolate for sandwiches, yeah!

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