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Accounting firms are usually only thought of during one season in a year: during tax season. It is usually the busiest time for accountants, having to interact with clients in such a short, haphazard period. While this may seem like the common practice, a good accounting firm regularly maintains a client relationship all throughout the year.

Keeping a steady stream of communication between you and your clients is a necessity—not only is it a good business ethic, but it makes things much smoother in the long run. With constant communication, not only can you create a more personal approach, but also it makes for a smoother tax year.

If you’re stumped for ideas to stay connected, then here are three ways an accounting firm can maintain a client relationship throughout the working year.

Discuss previous changes

One of the simplest and most effective methods for client relationship management is by setting a meeting about previous tax changes. Should there be any changes within the law involving tax or in general an overlying factor that would affect tax computations, then your client deserves to know about it.

By approaching them for this, not only will they understand that you keep yourself up to date, but it grants them the confidence in knowing that you’re looking out for them. More than that, they may have noticed the changes and had questions about it, but ultimately weren’t able to ask.

Ask for feedback 

The routine procedure of asking for feedback is still one of the best ways to keep in contact with a client. A call or an e-mail can usually do the trick, but actually visiting their office for a meeting is still the best way to strike a conversation. Doing so as early on as possible allows for your client to still be within the mindset of the tax season, making a way to actually discuss proper feedback as it lays fresh on their mind.

In doing so, you can improve your own internal processes within the firm while also painting an image of reliability and service for your clients. A client is appreciative of a service that follows-up to see how they can improve, but take care to not pester them if they don’t have the time. In such instances, then an e-mail or a survey may be the best approach.

Set a regular communication channel

Setting a regular communications channel makes for a good way to get back to you while paving a way for some marketing efforts. Creating a newsletter, for example, can keep your clients updated to the new features and services of your company—or simply to update them with items related to them.

E-mail blasts about the changes in tax computations and tax laws can be done as well, to keep your clients updated. Aside from that, using your e-mail connectivity to deliver plausibly useful content such as basic accounting for cross-referencing can provide learnable skills for your clients that can deepen their knowledge while ultimately making your life easier.


Regular communication with your clients is the best way to improve your working relationship—making the way for an easier tax year. By setting regular meetings, you can plan your strategies in advance and work on them as soon as the year starts.

With the numerous clients and contact people you have to cater to and meet with, it can be quite a tedious task. It is for this reason that utilizing a client relationship management software is necessary, in order to have the most efficient time in doing your job. Get in touch with us today and see what services we can provide for you.